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What is our solar pumping solution can do ?

solved the issue ofwater pumping now :

1. Generators are polluting and need maintenance

2. Remote areas have no grid power for the pump, and the cost of setting it up by users is too high

3. Many places without power often due to lack of electricity power

Solar Panel: Solar radiation can be directly converted into DC electrical energy Common connection methods are series and parallel
AC Pump: Single phase 220V /Thriphase 380/400/440V DC Pump: Bldc 24/36/48/72/96/110/220/380 Triphase Variable Speed Drive
Inverter/Controller: Inverter for any AC Pump, Controller for BLDC pump

Solar Pumping solution Applications:  pumping water by clean energy from deep boreholes, rivers, lakes and other water sources  for drinking water , irrigation….

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Focus on Manufacture of solar pumping solution over 9 years, professional solar pumping water system solution provider!


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Pump’s Parameters For Quotation

please provide the pump head & flow informations , or pump information: such HP, KW, VOLTAGE,PHASE, or landsize ,  plants , address .,etc and budget.

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Quality, Certificate,Service

High VALUE , High Quality,Modular design, Wiring can be used without setting, Easy Maintain, Quick connector, General electrician requirements, Minimum cost of dealer’s technical team,   CE, IEC,  ISO9001,  Best Delivery Time, Local technical Training,   On-line Technical Support


The Solar Comes, The Water Comes!

Projects by  our solutions

Hober is Solutions Supplier for water pumping . such as free design as your needs and local technical supporting.  most amazing customer support around! So Easy for installation and operation, Local traning of solar pumping system and after sale service, Whole system design free, and wholesale solar pumping inverter/controller as it’s operation as simple as you want.

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Portable Solar Pumping System whole kit are ready

brief informations: folder mono solar panel 180w *2pcs, solar wire 15meter, pump wire 15meter, tanks sensor+ borehole sensor, outlet connector, Maximum power 200w , max flow 1300Liter/hour, max head 73meter, please contact our sales to get the informations.

Thanks a lot, i love hober, solar panels are 270w and the motor is 4kw, it pumps almost upto 6pm in the evening.

Kenya Customer

With the least amount of money to solve the problem of water, the system only 500 watts, we’re happy

Sudan Customer

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