hybrid power input to solar pumping inverter

how hybrid solar pumping system working : Solar power and AC power hybrid input at the same time , and the solar power is priority. When the solar power insufficient, AC power will be supplement rest power automatically , and inverter shows hybrid on; when the solar power recovery, the inverter will automatically only take power from solar power, and LCD screen shows hybrid off..

Application: The hybrid function is to solve the situations that solar power insufficient or no output in the early morning, evening and rainy days, but required the pump output rated water.

HYBRID/STOP SETTING  parameters setting for example :

LE:25Hz In 20S 20 M to Restart  (25Hz: Inverter minimum working frequency;    20S:  Detecting time in seconds;    20M:  Stopping time in Minutes)

how to confirm the Minimum frequency parameter:  the minimum frequecy that inverter running and can get the water to the destination,  For example : pump installed  in the borehole with head 70meter, minimum frequency of pump running to get the water  on  ground is 35Hz .