Test the pump coil is ok or not with a multimeter

Use multimeter to measure the ohm of pump(NOTE : pump must be disconnected with solar pumping inverter ) , for example: the pump’s cables are brown, blue and black. Take the measured Ohm record as below:

R1:  between blue and black   39.3Ω

 R2:  between brown and black  24.8Ω

R3:  between blue and brown   14.6Ω

Result:  R1 = R2+ R3 , it’s single phase pump and coil is ok ,      R1 = R2 = R3, it’s three phase pump and coil is ok

how to do if the Ohm of pump  is Maximum  or 0 ?

Step1: remove the extend wire of pump and test again, if the ohm test result is same as before(pump ohm is  maximum such as value is * Mohm or always 0 ohm) , means pump is  broken

Step2: pump ohm is correct after remove the extend wire , means the extend wire is broken.

What’s inverter will doing while pump broken ?

Situation1: before pump broken , inverter show WARING: AC OUTPUT UNBALANCE;   Situation2: inverter stop and showing OFF AC OUTPUT PHASE LOST;  Situation3: inverter stop and showing: OFF AC OUTPUT OVER CURRENT;   Situation4: inverter stop and showing: OFF AC OUTPUT  SHORT CIRCUIT