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What is the solar water pumping solution?2020-12-03T04:07:20+00:00

What is the solar water pumping solution?

Solar panel+ Pump + Inverter/controller

Solar Panel:

Solar radiation can be directly converted into DC electrical energy, Common connection methods are series and parallel


(AC Pump) Single phase 220V /Thriphase 380/400/440V, 50/60

(DC Pump) Bldc 24/36/48/72/96/110/220/380 Triphase, Variable Speed Drive,soft startup.


Solar Pumping Inverter for any AC Pump, Solar Pump Controller for BLDC pump


Why Need The Solar to Water Pumping?

Solar Pumping System applied to the place that lack of city power.



Please supply the informations: Flow, Head or Pump’s information


What’s benefit of this system?

Don’t need the AC power and generator, there is water coming if there is sunshine.


Does our solar pumping system will be success running as your want?

Solar pumping system can be applied to anyplace, and can get the water from underground so easy…


Drinking & Irrigation

Solar pumping system will be working at daytime and pumping the water to the tank for drinking 24Hours. Or Pumping the water for agriculture irrigation.


Where is it need?

The place that no city power but need the water for people’s living , Animal’s Drinking, Agriculture Irrigation such as Trees, Vegetables…


How is it Working?

Solar pumping system only working at day time while there is no AC power.


24Hours Working?

24 Hours working must be there is ac power (City Power or Generator), at day time use the solar priority and AC power supplement Automatic and 100% percent by Ac power at night.


How is it working?

AC Power /Generator ,AC Pump, Pipe ,etc maintain the same as old one, just add our solar pumping inverter, and install the solar panel & bracket…


Automatic & Smart

With Gprs Monitoring & Controlling system , u can get /control the system anywhere and anytime.


May I believe it ?

The Hober’s solar pumping system have been installed over 30000 project. We supply the solution as simple or complex as your want.

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