Solar Pumping Inverter – Hybrid +GATC LCD Type

LCD Display Type:

Convert the DC power of solar array into AC power to the water pump. Soft start and Variable Frequency drive the pump.

Second Generation of MPPT Function: Automatic /don’t need set MPPT voltage by LCD/LED. Efficiency is Max to 30% higher than the inverter who need to set the MPPT voltage, more output water flow.

One Key for Startup/ Stop,support to adjust the output water flow also.

Without battery,storing water is more efficient than storing electricity,reduce the cost of construction ,operating and routine maintenance

128*64 px

Keyboard include : Esc, Up, Down, Enter

Support Program parameters:

Working time of AM:PM

Low Power of solar panel to stop working

Dry-run parameters of software detecting, reference value is self-learning.

Max output Freq 50/60Hz setting

Max output Voltage 380/440V setting

Dry-Run detecting Enable/Disable

Over flow of Tank detecting Enable/Disable

Gprs Communication Password

Password of enter setting menu

Factory Reset

Display the company name and module on screen for better advertisement

Error history for Max 50 records at latest

Warning/Error Message by English, Not Error Flag.

GATC:Generator Automatic Controller

Controll the generator working/stop automatic and system working at hybrid(Solar +AC ) or Only solar mode.hsphxxxx-gatc-parameters