Corporation History

HOBER was founded in 2011, engaged in car diagnostic instrument just trade, in 2012 began to design the solar water pumping solutions, formed its own factory in 2014, has its own r&d team and factory, our solution has been applied in south-east Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, South America and other regions.America and other regions.   HOBER focus on solar energy for water, use of solar energy to solve the problem of water, make water is no longer difficult

Hober Gives You The Professional Solutions

Hober is Solutions Supplier for water pumping . such as free design as your needs and local technical supporting.  most amazing customer support around!So Easy for installation and operation,Local traning of solar pumping system and after sale service, Whole system design free, and wholesale solar pumping inverter/controller as it’s operation as simple as you want.

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