Certificate of Solar Pumping Inverter

  1. Certificate of Utility Model Patent No.2014 2 0531071.X (Solar Pump Controller)
  2. CE No.B-S14096120 B-E14096121(EN61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011,   EN61000-1:2007,   EN62109-1:2010 ,   EN62109-2:2011)

Quality Warranty

In order to protect your interests, to solve your any menace from the “rear” except! The company provides standard 2 YEAR of warranty of quality service for you.

The following situation not free fee, the specific charging standard according the device (material cost extra):
1. out of the warranty period:
2. irresistible natural forces such as earthquake, fire damage caused by improper use;
3. Human fault;
4. machine water damage.

The following situation does not belong to the quality warranty:
1. the user to alter the serial number and machine
2. quality warranty label tag
3. use environment does not meet the conditions of using
4. Product be repaired or disassembled without our authorization

A statement of special environmental protection.

We deeply thank you for your attention and use our products, For positive response for the green environmental protection , improve the ecological environment. from 2013 onwards, all our products will no longer provide paper manuals, but you can using the electronic document for fast learning from our website.


Sales & Service Team

Sales & after sale service Center in Shenzhen and Yiwu

Working Time

Sales Working Time Mon-Friday, 08:00AM – 17:30PM, after sales service 24Hours and Mon-Sun

Development & Research

Development & Research department in the Center of Shenzhen for Hardware & Software.

What's we do ?

Hardware & Software’s development, include PCB Design and software embedded. Solar pumping System’s Designning…


Factory for Solar Pumping Inverter 's assembling ,testing , package, delivery


Iso9001 standard to make sure each products out of factory is QC PASSED.


Financial department in Hongkong , Shenzhen

What's payment ?

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal payment is acceppt. and calculate by RMB is the best way.