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Solar Pumping Inverter

Convert the DC power of solar array into AC power to drive water pump. Soft start and Variable Frequency drive any AC PUMP

Hybrid Power Input
Power Range
Good Quality Materials
Quick Install
Wide Range Voltage Input
Easy Operation
Solar Power priority ,AC power supplement or cut off AUTOMATIC . Compatible generator and Grid Power Rated Power Range: 1HP~150HP(750W~132KW)

Support Voltage: 220/380/400/440V, Single or 3 Phase 50/60Hz

INFINEON IGBT or MITSUBISHI IPM, FUJITSU ARM32bit CPU,Stainless steel waterproof case,Ip65 Waterproof,IP68 Fan MC4 Input, Aviation quick connector of Ac Input and output,water sensor connectors Minimum input voltage with Booster Inside (PID algorithm) :80V, Maximum input voltage: 900V Pump Running with default setting, Timer for automatic run/stop, Remote Monitoring & Control

Protection Class I

Protection such as : Solar Input Anti-reverse, AC Input/Output Phase lost(3Phase), AC Output Short Circuit, Over Load, Pump Dry-run, Solar Low Power, Solar Over Voltage, Solar Low Voltage,Over Temperature, Capacitor Lifetime, AC Input Over/Low Voltage

  • Solar Input Anti-Reverse Protection: The solar panel and the inverter’s positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly: the machine will not turn on, Display screen off, Will not burn the machine and the pump

  • Phase Lost:Phase lost (AC Pump Wire disconnected), Ac output phase lost will automatic stop and show error message, Ac Input phase lost will automatic stop and show error

  • AC Output Short Circuit: Water pump coil or Pump Wire short Circuit

  • Over Load:Pump Over Current or Over Rated Power of Inverter

  • Pump Dry-run:Pump running without water

  • Solar Low Power: solar low power and inverter drive the pump can not pumping the water to the surface ,working useless and stop


LCD SCREEN -don’t need to check the instructions code, everything by LCD Display!

  1. Solar panel Input Voltage & Current , and Power, Hybrid State , Power input of solar and AC, AC Output Frequency & Current, Inside Temperature, Water Level state of borehole and Tank, Warning Message, Error Message
  2. Stop reason: SPMCS, Timer, Solar Low Power, Hybrid, Tank Water Full, Borehole water empty(Pump dry-run), Pump dry-run by software, Pump over current, Over load, Over voltage, Pcb ic error, Pump wire broken…
  3. Warning message E2prom, hybrid , Pump current unbalance, Current sensor, such as W:System TimeError message: Over voltage, AC output over Current…and so on..


Automatic Working Without Configure, also for user advanced debug!

  1. Working time, Hybrid/stop, Dry-run Software protection, Water Sensor(Borehole & Tank) Enable/Disable  and filter timer, Inverter Time Calibrate, ,Multi Key Function, Factory Reset
  2. AC output Voltage, AC output Phase,Current of Over Load,Current Coefficiency, AC Output Phase Lost Detect Condition,AC Output Phase to Ground Short Circuit,.etc
  3. MPPT PID/Automatic
  4. Self-diagnostic while power on