Solar Pump

Cost-Efficient Water Pumping Solution

Solar Pump Controller + Brushless & Sensorless DC pump , Voltage Range: 24/36/48/72/96/110/220/300V , Rpm max to 4500,Compared to ac pump Maximum efficiency increase of 40% .  Helical Rotor: High Head with small flow , max power to 1HP, max head to 170meter deep,  Impeller Pump: High head with big flow, max power to 3hp


Low Cost:

SOLAR PANEL Just need 1~6PCS, 48V pump is 2pcs in series, 110V pump is 3pcs in series
Compared to AC pumps, the cost is lower,BUT Higher Efficiency
Application to Home Using, Fish pond, Small farm

Easy Operation:

Without Parameters Setting
Led show state of Solar, Battery, Tank Water, Borehole Water, Error State
Beep alarm if there is Error happen
Automatic Mppt ,without Setting
Max Speed adjust by Potentiometer

Solar Controller Protection:
1. Solar DC Input Over-Voltage
2. Solar DC Input Anti-reverse
3. Battery Low Voltage Protection
4. Output Phase lost
5. DC Output Short Circuit
6. Over Temperature
7. Water Over Flow of Tank(By Sensor)
8. Well Water Empty(By Sensor)



Touch KeyBoad + LED display

1. Automatic MPPT Function to Identify the Voc and Vmp of Solar Panel
2.Hybrid Ac input
3. Support Sensorless DC Motor 220V,3hp
4. Protection:
Solar DC Input Over-Voltage
Solar DC Input Anti-reverse
Over Load
DC Output Phase lost
DC Output Short Circuit
Over Temperature
Water Over Flow of Tank(By Sensor)
Borehole Water Empty(By Sensor or software)
5. Variable Speed Drive

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